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E.L.F. plus: Our new painter standard – preservative free

Paints and plasters for healthy interior spaces

In 1985 Indeko-plus as the world's first E.L.F interior paint revolutionised the market. Now Caparol has the E.L.F segment. Paints and plaster consequently further developed yet again. "E.L.F. plus" is the new technology the creates a healthy feel-good living climate. E.L.F. plus paints and plasters are not just emission-minimised and solvent-free, they are now also free of preservatives – a key sales argument particularly in view of the increasing number of clients with an affinity to ecological aspects.

One of the first Caparol interior paints to be equipped with the E.L.F plus technology is the classic Caparol paint Malerit. A further development with a system: Besides Malerit, further interior dispersion paints and primers as well as plasters will be offered as a preservative-free variant and further products are set to follow. All products of the series bear the blue E.L.F plus seal.

New Caparol painter standard: Feel-good atmosphere thanks to the E.L.F. plus technology

The E.L.F plus technology at a glance

  • Paints and plasters for healthy interior spaces
  • Emission minimised, solvent free and now also preservative free
  • Customary long shelf life in container

Focus: Malerit with E.L.F. plus

Purer, whiter, better

Benefit from the new Malerit! With its optimized recipe, the paint is now even whiter, even more covering and more pure. Special environment plus: Not only is the new Malerit emission minimised, solvent free and unplasticised, it is now also preservative-free.

In addition, the Malerit recipe has been further developed in terms of whiteness, covering power and processing. The new Malerit combines perfect application properties with an optimum formulation in terms of interior air hygiene.

The interior paint with the feel-good atmosphere is a paint that no professional painter should be without: Test it now and delight your customers with the very highest quality!