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Capadur Repair System

Perfect wood restoration – with a system

Wood is a natural building material, which is subject to considerable loads in outdoor applications. Moisture, sun, wind, frost and fungus are things that wood has to cope with. This applies in particular to windows, exterior doors, gates, railings and similar elements requiring regular care and maintenance. If care is neglected, the substance can become damaged to the extent that coating materials will no longer do the job. 

To replace damaged wood substances, a wood repair system is needed that is precisely coordinated with the physical requirements of wood. With the Capadur Repair wood repair system, wooden elements can be sustainably maintained prior to coating with Caparol enamels and stains. 

The Capadur Repair System consists of an easy to shape, hard-elastic repair compound that sustainably replaces damaged wooden parts. The products Capadur Repair P, Capadur Repair H and Capadur Repair FK supplement the system so that there is a solution at hand for virtually any restoration applications. Damages to wooden elements can always be professionally remedied with this system.

The system components of the Capadur Repair System are the professional tools for the wood expert for successful wood and wooden window restoration. Together with the special tools as well as high-quality coatings, wooden elements can be comprehensively restored and attractively coated.

Capadur Repair Tool Kit

Make use of our new Capadur Repair Tool Kit to be perfectly prepared to perform sustainable repairs whenever required. 


  • 1 2C dispensing gun
  • 1 special plastic mixing board
  • 1 special style spatula 6 cm 
  • 1 special style spatula 10 cm 
  • 1 set / 2 pc joint smoothers
  • 1 box of 100 disposable gloves
  • 1 box of 150 cleaning wipes