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Capadecor® Calcino Romantico

Mineral-based lime smoothing technique for authentic stone surfaces

Mineral-based lime smoothing techniques have a long tradition and natural products today are gaining more and more significance. Discreet elegance and stylish aesthetics are characteristic for wall surfaces that have been treated with the mineral-based lime smoothing technique. The colour card for Calcino Romantico contains six colour families with a total of 30 select colour shades. Each of the six colour families is harmoniously coordinated and represented a natural type of stone:

  • Precious grey (concrete/granite),
  • Matt naturalness (limestone),
  • Timeless aesthetics (travertine),
  • Mineral-based purity (dolomite),
  • Earthy comfort (onyx),
  • Nuanced elegance (sandstone)

The colours contained in the fan represent a selection of a much larger colour spectrum. Further colours can be found in the colour overview of the technical information for Calcino Romantico.

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