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Capadecor® Calcino Romantico

Mineral-based lime smoothing technique for authentic stone surfaces

What is inspiring and creative about Calcino Romantico?

Questions for Natascha Glenz, Product Manager Decorative Interior Wall Techniques:

Capadecor® Calcino Romantico: What does this exciting fan contain?

The unique thing about this fan is that we use one product to show different creative techniques, which represent authentic stone surfaces. The fan shows examples and colours: Six "natural stones" are presented each with five colours. Each stone stands for a certain colour, e.g. deep earthy shades for typical red sandstone. A selection is shown from the Capadecor® Calcino Romantico collection which now consists of more than 100 colours.

What inspired you to develop the Capadecor® Calcino Romantico fan?

It all started with the trend for the exposed concrete look, such as the creative technique Authentico. We then noticed that the natural, stony surfaces were very popular. The appeal of these colours is their mattness in combination with the warm, mineral shades. By using various tools and processing techniques, a wide variety of surfaces can be created with beautiful textures between smooth and fine to rustic and grainy. Authentico , Puristico and Grigio describe techniques, which in combination with the befitting colour arouse associations to limestone, onyx, sandstone or exposed concrete.