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Capadecor Effect

Effect coatings and pigments for special walls.

Have you ever wondered what is special about surfaces with effect pigments?

Questions for Natascha Glenz:

1. What is so special about the new Capadecor® Effect fan?

Metallic effect coatings enable the creation of individual accents, for interiors as well as for facades. The Capadecor® Effect fans for the first time show which extraordinary effects and colours can be created with our products. Overall, the fan contains four design worlds with more than 50 colour samples, which makes it possible to provide extensive creative leeway when consulting your customers in effective design. The fans show a selection of harmoniously coordinated shades for the design of exclusive walls and offers the ideal inspiration for interested customers.

2. What is so special about surfaces with effect pigments?

Effect pigments provide the ideal upgrade for our wall enamels DecoLasur Glänzend, ArteLasur and ArteLasur Color and are ideal for the refinement of wall accents. Whether one solid glistening colour or a multicoloured mother-of-pearl shine, the product line offers a multitude of design options and areas of application. This will inspire the customer and let their creativity run free: A remarkable number of surfaces can be designed and depending on one's specific taste, you can add a discreet sheen or a high-quality array of colours with the use of colour-change pigments, which had up to now only been available in the field of car painting.