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Classic - Collection

Colour concepts for timeless designs

Have you ever wondered why Classic fans are optimum instruments for consulting?

Questions for Sybille Abel, Team Colour Marketing ColourDesignStudio:

Why is the Classic fan such a good consulting tool?

Colour collections should serve as a decision-making aid for customers and support the consultation process. The Classic fans intentionally focus on calm, timeless and discreet colours, as many customers ask for moderate, classic shades. With this finely coordinated selection, the customer should find their favourite colour and also find inspiration as to how it can be harmoniously combined.

What is the structure of the fan?

A selection of 60 colours was made from the 1,368 colours of the Caparol 3D-System, divided into 6 colour categories. This achieves various atmospheres that enables the customer to find their preferred colour world.

Ten colours have been defined for each category that provide a harmonious fit. Various shades of white form the basis of the individual colour worlds, which develop into bright, light shades and matching accompanying colours. Vivid colours are located at the end of each colour scale, which round off each individual series.

Why do we need colour harmonies?

Choosing colours for rooms is not necessarily the most difficult aspect of the design. But, does the selected shade match with the floor and to the other existing colours in the room?

The suggested colour harmonies that the fan contains are designed to aid in making the right selection and transferring this to a pleasant relationship within the room. Some colours are suitable as surface colours, other more vibrant shades should be applied with caution and only be chosen as accents. This is depicted optically in the fan and provides more certainty for the customer.