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The nuanced one

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different shades of white?

Andrea Girgzdies, Team Manager Colour Marketing ColourDesignStudio answers this question for you:

1. Why are there so many shades of white?

A few years ago, there was this total hype about the colour white. This trend was not only reflected in product design or in the automotive industry. People have always liked to paint their walls white.

2. So why did you pick up on this trend?

White is an exciting theme for interior design. Because white is not simply white. There are so many difference shades, which each decisively influences the atmosphere of a room. If a shade of white has a somewhat cooler touch, it can bring freshness into a room. If it has some elements of red, it can have a warm, comforting effect.  

But the large offer of whites also serves another purpose. Think about cupboards or doorframes, for example. Here, it becomes quite apparent if the white of the wall is different than the white of the furniture.

3. What else do we have to watch out for?

Lighting has a large influence on the effect of a colour and should therefore also be taken into consideration. Warm light emphasis the warm character of a shade of white – cool light brings out the coolness of cooler shades.

Ultimately, a certain shade of white can created a targeted effect in terms of architectural or interior design style. For instance, a classic historic building with oak floors is emphasised with the use of a warm and elegant shade of white, such as 3D mother-of-pearl white.