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Colour concepts for timeless designs

The new "Classic" collection by Caparol creates elegant and classic shades for timeless interiors. Finely graduated nuances extend from white shades in two directions and merge into lighter shades and matching accompanying colours. The following six new colour lines interpret modern interior design each in their own harmonious way.


Relaxed serenity


Elegant purity

Modern tradition

Scandinavian clarity

Cultivated lightness

Individual rusticity

Design means

Classic presents a finely tuned arrangement from the 3D system plus for timeless interior design. Each one of the six colour lines include ten shades that enable easy and versatile compositions of colour shades.

Design fan with brochure

The 60 colours of the classic colour lines are depicted on a full page in the elegant colour fan. Each colour line is supplemented by five colour harmonies. Together with the classic brochure, it represents an inspiring working tool.

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For practical design work, stylishly classic design techniques and deep, monochrome surfaces are depicted in the colour shades of the CLASSIC collection. The six colour lines are presented with a total of 24 original surfaces in the format 15.5. x 21 cm and 60 colour shade sheets.

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