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Training videos

The content of the 27 training videos is based on the trainings of SPECTRUM 4.0. The videos explain the modules EXPLORER, PHOTOstudio, and MATERIALstudio, and in addition the creation of presentations (SHOW) and the PHOTOservice.

SPECTRUM 4.0 Short Overview






PHOTOstudio extended








You would like to watch the videos in a higher resolution?  

You may also downlaod all SPECTRUM 4.0 training videos:

  1. Click on the following link and save the zip-file into a directory of your choice 
  2. Extract the file and start the videos by double clicking on "start.htm"

Download SPECTRUM 4.0 training videos [893 MB]

To extract the ZIP-Data you need a unzipping program. Here you can find a possible download: