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Colour accuracy

Move your designs into the right "Coloured light"

SPECTRUM 5 & X-Rite ColorMunki

SPECTRUM 5 is compatible with the X-Rite ColorMunki spectral photometer. With this device high quality profiles for the monitor and printer can be produced to improve the colour reproduction of your output devices.

The optimisation of the colour display ensures true-colour presentation on the monitor and your printout. Information about the ColorMunki can be obtained from

SPECTRUM 5 & your printer

You want to print out the designs you created in SPECTRUM 5 and know how to set your printer to render the original colours?

You can find our printing suggestions here for a precise colour printout.

Please note that we depict only a part of potential printer options and, due to their variety, cannot take the entire market into consideration. Besides the printer, the papers and tints used are very important for achieving the optimum print result.

A printer that has been tried and tested inside and out:
Canon PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II

The following types of paper were tested and rated as suitable for the printout of draftsn:

  • EFI CertProof Paper 6225XF Semimatt
  • EFI Offset Proof Paper 9200 Semimatt
  • EFI Proof Paper 5200XF Semiglossy

Furthermore we recommend that you create the colour profiles for your printer and the respective paper with the aid of a spectrophotometer. spectrophotometers that we have tested and rated as suitable are the ColorMunki models of the company X-Rite. The calibration software by Canon mentioned above for the printer was rated as not-satisfactory.

Download printer profiles
You can download the colour profiles that we have created with our printer as well as the screenshots for the respective settings (Windows colour management, printer drivers and Adobe Reader).

Download (5 MB)

SPECTRUM 5 & der CAPAROL Buntstift 3D

Farbtöne mit dem Buntstift 3D einlesen, mit SPECTRUM 5 oder SPECTRUM_express synchronisieren und sofort gestalten.

  • Direktanzeige des gemessenen Farbtons
  • NEU: Bluetooth-Schnittstelle zur schnellen und einfachen Datenübertragung

Mehr Infos zum CAPAROL Buntstift 3D finden Sie hier