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reliable. personal. free of charge.

From now on you have the SPECTRUM_cloud available as a free storage location for Spectrum data:

  • Access with Caparol ID (once-only registration required)
  • Personal access from the full version of SPECTRUM 5 or the on-line variant SPECTRUM_express
  • Save up to nine projects and your individual Show free of charge
  • Use PHOTOservice (picture masking) and PRINTservice (presentation folder with precise colours)
  • Access to the latest collections from Caparol/partner manufacturers

How to create a Caparol ID
If you already have a user name and password in one of the other Caparol portals (e.g. capadata_online, Jumbo-Portal, etc.) you do not need to register anew. Log in directly via SPECTRUM_express ( or via the SPECTRUM 5 software .

Open the login page here to register and fill in the registration form.


Make use of the SPECTRUM services in order to  achieve high customer satisfaction quickly and easily.

No time for your own image processing?

Use the PHOTOservice for fast processing of your pictures.


True-colour printout required?

Use the PRINTservice for a professional customer presentation.



Manage your designs, save your images and create new collections from various manufacturers on your SPECTRUM 5.

You wish to have further collections?

Load further collections from Caparol or other manufacturers in the standard SPECTRUM quality free of change in your SPECTRUM 5

Access to your images at all time - online

Use the Upload/Download area e.g. to transfer your images with SPECTRUM_epxress, or store your images for SPECTRUM_tv