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SPECTRUM pictures

...for your own home page

Photographs demonstrate the possibilities of the design software most impressively. For this purpose you can also use example pictures from SPECTRUM on your home page.

Please note that for legal reasons you are only free to use SPECTRUM photos for which NO source is quoted:

Pictures which you may use

  • No source quoted
  • Only the file name is quoted hereKeine Bezugsquelle

    Pictures which you must NOT use

    • Source details are given
    • Along with the file name, a supplier is also quoted, e.g. the website of nmc (the picture rights are in the sole possession of this supplier)

    Picture label

    Please visibly label the SPECTRUM pictures as in the example with the legend "powered by SPECTRUM".

    Please inform us

    For the subsequent release of the pictures on your home page we request an informal message by e-mail to

    Furthermore, please feel free to provide a link to our SPECTRUM home page:

    We would be delighted if you could send us the URL of your completed website.