Colour World 2

Soft pastel contrasts

The Colours

Eye-catcher mauve-grey, delicate yellow + anthracite

Pastel shades characterise the atmosphere of this colour world with a surprising effect. They don't appear gentle, playful or sweet, but rather characterise the walls with clarity and subtle seriousness. Due to their high proportion of grey, they gain maturity and give the room a cool touch, without sacrificing harmony. The coolness of the pastel blue/green nuances is compensated in combination with light terracotta, velvety mauve grey and delicate yellow. The smooth transition of the gentle contrasts creates an envelope that, despite its lightness, conveys a feeling of security. Accentuation with anthracite lends the colour design its contours. A special atmosphere is created by the fragmented surface of the authentic brick wall. It gives the colour a vibrant appearance full of character.

The Colour Harmonies

Colour harmony strips to take out can be found in the new project book available as of January.

The Surfaces