Three Little Trees in the Woods…

Or: Many trees make the forest, and somehow they are always different.

The forest - always a very special place with a special atmosphere: cheerful, light and bright in spring, cool and fresh in summer, dark and secluded in winter. A protective, enveloping canopy of leaves, a mystical shell, a clearing shining in the sun.

Searching for the forest green:

Do you know the leaves of the woods? What kind of green are they? Join the search.

Forest green is an unreliable companion: sometimes yellowish, sometimes deep, almost midnight blue, sometimes intense, sometimes faded. In addition, light, chlorophyll and the seasons. We didn't let ourselves be discouraged and tried anyway. Conclusion: green does not stay green and the leaves are constantly changing. Except for.... fir green, or was it forest green after all?

The colours of the forest

How the forest invites to beautiful colour combinations and what we gain from this

Forest homeland – Let yourself be inspired to unusual, harmonious combinations! Tone-in-tone harmony or strong contrasts - the forest shows the way! That's how it works: take a photo, choose a colour shade, combine trend colours with it.