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PrimaKlima! floor coatings

With the emission-minimised Top 6 floor coatings from Caparol you always have the right coating solution for every requirement:

  • Emission-minimised to AgBB
  • Pollutant-tested and monitored by Technical Control Board
  • Fast – efficient – dependable in application
  • Durable and robust
  • Unequalled design variety
  • You are sure of a good result

PrimaKlima! floor coatings are always in the limelight – step by step! You make good ground with Caparol.

The all-rounder

Disbon 404 Acryl-BodenSiegel

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The garage specialist

Disbopox 442 GaragenSiegel

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The floor/wall coating

Disbopox 447 E.MI Wasserepoxid

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The universal primer

Disboxid 420 E.MI Primer

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The industry all-rounder

Disboxid 421 E.MI Coat

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The non-slip specialist

Disboxid 467 E.MI Hartkornschicht

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