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Insulation is worth it

Large-scale advertising campaign launched for thermal insulation

The media is giving plenty of attention to the topic of building insulation. However not just experts have had a say in the matter – and therefore there are a lot of controversial statements about what insulation is able to, what it should do and what it can do. No wonder that many home owners are uncertain and no longer know who to believe.

Facts and figures: A campaign provides the answers

The new "Insulating is worth it" campaign finally provides some clear answers. An important element is the website: It publishes studies and figures, examines the common pros and cons, gives the experts a chance to speak and provides a quick finder function to find a suitable energy consultant nearby. Plus it also publishes real-life practical case studies: Here building owners report on their own experiences with insulation – what benefits there are, what the objections up front were and how satisfied they are with the solution. 

The face of the campaign: Ulrich Wickert

Press, website, TV commercial – the new informative campaign reaches a broad audience and therefore helps the craft communicate the "insulation" theme in a professional and comprehensible manner. We were able to acquire the perfect face with Ulrich Wickert: He acts as the insulation ambassador and with the "voice of reason" provides the necessary objectivity when it comes to the issue of thermal insulation composite systems.

Initiative for the trade

Caparol is a founding member of Qualitätsgedämmt e.V. and the initiator of the campaign "Insulating is worth it"