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Secure insulation with system

A professional and comprehensive insulation system secure quality for everyone involved.

As businessman, painter master and president of the Federal Association for Paint, Design and Building Preservation [Bundesverband Farbe Gestaltung Bautenschutz], Karl-August Siepelmeyer is an expert when it comes to building renovation and thermal insulation. He advises customers and craftsmen to insulate with system. For Siepelmeyer, insulating with system is an absolute prerequisite for successful and effective thermal insulation. The customer benefits from high quality and the craftsman is also on the safe side.

Just how important insulating with system is for customers, processors and manufacturers usually only becomes apparent when errors and damages occur, explains Siepelmeyer. In the worst case, it can no longer be ascertained as to whether everything has been delivered in full and in proper order. No one would be there to offset the damages that have arisen.

As an appraiser, Karl-August Siepelmeyer sees situations again and again, in which he visits a construction site and determines that the system stated on the invoice is actually not the one that was installed or that components from various systems have been combined. If this is the case, no warranty can be granted as the customer is entitled to a full and uniform insulation system on the basis of the permit. If the specialist insulated with system, he is also on the safe side with regard to the manufacturer. You can find the full interview with Karl-August Siepelmeyer as well as expert discussions and useful information at