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Intelligent insulation solutions with a system

A suitable system for any insulation requirement

The requirements on thermal insulation composite systems are determined by the planning, building situation, customer requirements and other factors and may be very different from case to case. Consequently, over the decades Caparol has offered its customers an extensive product range for the fulfilment of different technical and design requirements.

A new feature is the clear orientation and configuration over six insulation systems which simplifies the selection and differentiation of the product ranges.

The three systems of the PRO Class offer conventional facade insulation in the well-proven Caparol quality, both based on polystyrene and on mineral wool. Common to all of them is that they feature the unique nano-quartz matrix technology which represents facades which remain clean longer and give the best colour brilliance over years.

If increased requirements are demanded on facade surfaces, such as for example, the highest resilience to impact, unlimited colour design even with intense colours or a particularly slim wall construction, then Caparol can offer three premium systems in the CARBON Class.