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Glass mosaic

Brilliant depth effect

Mysteriously iridescent, captivating beauty Glass mosaic lives from its unbeatable brilliance of colour and the interplay of light and colour. Molten colour pigments in the glass make the tiles colourfast and give them a harmonious colour effect. Glass tiles captivate the observer with their light reflections and the depth effect of the glass.

CT Ceratherm-System II glass mosaic

  • Incomparable brilliance of colour
  • Unique depth effect
  • Light reflections turn the material to life

System structure

System Ceratherm-System II with glass mosaic
Surface glatt
Textures according to current collection
Formats 48 x 48 x 4 mm, 48 x 48 x 8 mm
Insulating materials EPS and MW
Joint sealing colour coordinated with the respective colours
Approvals Approval in individual cases

Further colours upon request