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Meldorfer flat facing bricks

Hand-made quality

Mineral flat facing bricks are a uniquely stylish calling card for any facade. And these versatile lightweights cannot be optically distinguished from conventionally manufactured clinker bricks. Nearly any colour can be created, true to the real thing: a decisive benefit when faithfully reconstructing authentic surfaces.

Meldorfer flat facing bricks

  • Authentic reconstruction of brick facades
  • Easy to plan, design and implement (no joint between bays)
  • Economical processing in the standard system
  • Versatile in form and colour (complete 3D spectrum possible)
  • Special shades 

System structure

System PRO mineral / organic with Meldorfer flat facing bricks
Surfaces rough, grained, waterstruck, coal fired
Textures according to current collection
Formats NF, DF, 2 DF, special formats
Insulating materials EPS and MW
Sealing joint colour coordinated with the respective colour
Approval Z-33.41-130; Z-33.42-131; Z-33.43-132 and others

Many other textures and surfaces available upon request