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Natural stone

Large-scale design with natural stone

The highly expressive character of natural stone surfaces conveys a sense of durability and immortality. Textures and shading work together in combination with light and space like a playful element beckoning one to search further. Extensive design generates a calming, generous atmosphere for all the senses.

CT Lithoboard System

  • Large-scale, variable format of stone slabs up to
    100 x 50 cm (L x W) depending on the type of stone
  • Direct adhesion of the natural stone slabs to to ETICS
  • Extensive selection of various stone surfaces and textures
  • Extremely thin and light-weight

System structure

System CT Lithoboard System
Surfaces Granite, limestone, standstone and more
Textures ground, polished, satinised, blasted
Formats Large format up to 100 x 50 cm, small format up to 30 x 40 cm
Insulating materials EPS
Joint sealing colour coordinated for all surfaces
Approvals Z-33.46-1091

Many other textures and surfaces available upon request