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Capadur Wood Chronograph

Maintenance intervals of coated wooden facades

Wood needs to be cared for. But how frequently does it need this? Up to now, there were no orientation aids for the craftsman. And once the damage is visible, it already is too late. Caparol in collaboration with the subsidiary Synthesa have developed a consulting tool to accurately define the maintenance intervals for wooden construction parts: The Capadur Wood Chronograph.

For coated exterior wooden facades

The professional consulting instrument can be precisely set to the respective object and takes all relevant parameters into account:

  • Cardinal direction
  • Installation type of the facade boards
  • Cutting section of the wood from the trunk
  • Wood surface
  • Type of coating

Once all parameters have been set, the chronograph shows the recommended object-related maintenance intervals. This ensures optimum care of the wood as well as professional customer consulting.

The Wood Chronograph as a wheel

The Wood Chronograph as a wheel