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Inspiration 3/2015


Die Lieblingsfarbe der Deutschen – ein Highlight für die Wand. Von der Sehnsucht nach Blau in Oberflächen, auf Fassaden und im Raum.

A Day in Blue

Intensive Blue – Colour in Focus

Ultramarine, Dark Blue& Co.

Design trend blue

3D Pacific 155

The Blue Hour

Timelessly Elegant

The blue shades of the Classic collection

Blue Planet

Surface of the month:

Calcino Romantico

Give Me the Blues

Capadecor® Calcino Romantico 3D Granit 10

The character of natural stone - a visual and haptic experience in the room.

The Yearning for Blue

The Die is Cast

…or why no two blues are the same


Calcino Romantico in a different way


May I introduce?

Blue, vibrant blue.

Dive into the Blue!

Designing with intensive blue