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Inspiration 4/2015

Colour Research Vol.1

Have you ever wondered which colours are typical for Belgium, France or Sweden? Insights into a project exploring the colour identity of Europe.

Sensual Experience of Belgian Chocolate

Raspberry Pink, Lemon Yellow & Pistachio Green

French delicacies in delicate hues

3D Saphir 5:

Like a clear night sky - deep, dark, warm blue.

Colour Shades in National Comparison

The colour DNA of Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands

The Swedish Souvenir

When tradition becomes a cult

3D Marill 75:

An earthy ochre - natural and gentle

The Lacquer's Sheen

Varnish colours in Europe

Capadecor®Stucco Satinato in 3D Palazzo 70:

A peaty nuance with a soft, velvety surface - a cosy and noble effect alike.

Would you like a taste?

Fillers with and without calories


All varnished

Turning Old into New: Vintage

Capadecor® Stucco Satinato in 3D Citrus 15:

A colour shade like mud in ultra-fine spatula technique.

City Portraits

What is typical of …

Pure coincidence?

When the landscape sets the tone

Tracking Down the Colour DNA

Local Colour

…a research project on the colour identity of cities

Shutters and Doors in Coloured Varnish