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Inspiration 4/2015

Colour Research Vol.1

Haben Sie sich schon einmal gefragt welche Farben typisch für Belgien, Frankreich oder Schweden sind? Einblicke in ein Projekt zur Erforschung der farblichen Identität Europas.

Sensual Experience of Belgian Chocolate

Raspberry Pink, Lemon Yellow & Pistachio Green

French delicacies in delicate hues

3D Saphir 5:

Like a clear night sky - deep, dark, warm blue.

Colour Shades in National Comparison

The colour DNA of Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands

The Swedish Souvenir

When tradition becomes a cult

3D Marill 75:

An earthy ochre - natural and gentle

The Lacquer's Sheen

Varnish colours in Europe

Capadecor®Stucco Satinato in 3D Palazzo 70:

A peaty nuance with a soft, velvety surface - a cosy and noble effect alike.

Would you like a taste?

Fillers with and without calories


All varnished

Turning Old into New: Vintage

Capadecor® Stucco Satinato in 3D Citrus 15:

A colour shade like mud in ultra-fine spatula technique.

City Portraits

What is typical of …

Pure coincidence?

When the landscape sets the tone

Tracking Down the Colour DNA

Local Colour

…a research project on the colour identity of cities

Shutters and Doors in Coloured Varnish