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Inspiration 2/2016

Colour Research Vol.2

Die Farbscouts sind Deutschlands Fassadenfarbigkeiten auf der Spur. Von regionalen Unterschieden, mineralischen Pigmenten und starken Lackfarbigkeiten…

Tracking down Germany's colour DNA

An excursion into regional colours

Moinmoin, Grüß Gott and Servus!

What is important to Germans...

Regional Colour in an Interview

Bachelors give answers to the colour schemes in Germany

Ocean blue / RAL 5020

Typical varnish colour for shutters in southern Germany

Colour with Style

Can colours represent different styles?

Moos green / RAL 6005

Typical varnish colour for shutters in northern Germany

3D Magma 35

Characteristic dark red brick colour

Of Bricks and Blocks

Variety in colour and appearance

3D Aprico 95

Classic brick red shade of a brick facade

3D Papaya 70

Typical orange-red facing brick shade

Front doors in the Darß Region

Of Traditional Craftsmanship, Ornaments and Bold Colour

Magnificent Half-timbered Houses

The fascination of a traditional craft

Pigments or How Colours Are Created

Pigment: lat.: pigmentum: dye, colour, spice.

3D Grenadin 65

Typical colour for timber frameworks in the Forest of Odes: "ox blood red".

Iron Oxide and Glauconite or the Colours of the Earth

Interview with monument conservator Dr. Brandes from Histolith

Impressions from German Cities…

e.g. Rostock and Baltic Sea Resort Warnemünde

Focus on the Facade

or how a building leaves a lasting impression

3D Magma 45

Red Main sandstone

Capatect Creative Technique Rustico 2

Fine facade plaster with a natural-looking linen structure

Creative Technique Autentico

with natural concrete look

3D Palazzo 5

warm-toned concrete grey nuance

3D Venato 10

Cool slate grey for the facade