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Inspiration 1/2015


Erfahren Sie mehr über die Vielfalt der Kupfernuancen. Wie entsteht eigentlich eine Patina? Und wie gelingt sie an der Wand? Und das hat Schwedenrot mit Kupfer zu tun?

Which colours and surfaces are a trend?

Actually, what's the colour of... a copper roof?

3D Granit 45

Subtle neutral grey that gives all colours an elegant touch.

re urban 8

A rich petrol that gives your room a trendy look.

authentic life 2

A cool, light blue for rooms with a refreshing appearance.

To the Trend Update Info Brochure

Surface of the Month: Copper

Calcino Romantico 3D Venato 40:

mineral lime smoothing technique for a characteristic wall design.

StuccoDecor Di Luce 3D Bordeaux 60:

Decorative spatula technique for surfaces shining with great effect.

Inspired by verdigris patina

A view across copper roofs for your home

How does patina actually develop?

Copper with signs of wear

Vintage for the wall

The facets of copper

Copper Is the Main Thing

Playing with Structures

Step-by-step to verdigris patina

What does Falun red have to do with copper?

Trend: Copper everywhere

A trade fair report