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Inspiration 1/2017

Facade Design

Die Farbexperten zeigen, was Gestaltung an der Fassade kann. Was sind die neuesten Fassadentrends? Und was haben Löcher im Käse mit Fassadengestaltung zu tun?

Treasures from the Drawer

A source of inspiration with creative content

Colour and Material Trends on the Facade

Are our building facades becoming more colourful again?

The colour 3D Palazzo 95 – an Earthy Mud Brown

Screen versus Printout

Why do colours look different on the screen?

Creative Technique Autentico: 3D Ferro 35

Have you ever thought about what colour can do?

We know how to do it!

Creative Technique Filigrano: 3D Hellweiß

Creative Technique Brilliant: 3D Venato 10

Say Cheese!

What holes in cheese have to do with facade design

Corporate Architecture

Unmistakable: from facade to trademark by means of colour and graphic design

Individualisation and Identification

A facade shows its colours

Facade Design of a Slightly Different Kind

Graphical - painted - good?!

...from ugly duckling to beautiful swan!

Completed projects in before-and-after comparison

There's more than One Way of Doing It…

Sketches of design ideas

Good Ideas Need to be Visualised

SPECTRUM_mobile - this is as fast as it gets! ;-)

HBW and TSR – Cool Stuff!

What is the role of these abbreviations?