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Inspiration 2/2015


Die Vielfalt farbiger Metalle ermöglicht eindrucksvolle Wandgestaltungen. Doch welche Effektpigmente gibt es? Und wie kann man Gold mal anders auf die Wand zaubern?

3D Palazzo 10:

A warm stone grey gives colour combinations a natural touch in the room.

Nature as a Model

Metallic Nuances on Plumage, Shell and Co.

3D Palazzo 290

Earthy golden yellow bathes the room in warm light.

Capaver ElementEffects Pixel CapaSilber

The restrained silver tone perfectly emphasises the light and shadow effect of the design.

Metallics everywhere

A Walk through the City

Surface of the Month – Capadecor CapaGold

Metallic, Gleam, Shimmer, Glitter…

of effect pigments

Copper, Brass, Bronze, Gold, and Silver

Design trend coloured metals

Micaceous Iron Oxide for Metals

Metal Leaf

Three-dimensionality masterfully staged

Gold Reserves

CapaGold in a different way

Golden Days for Design

Capadecor Metallocryl Pearl

A brushed surface with a subtle shine and natural appearance.