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Inspiration 2/2017


Erfahren Sie alles über die neuesten Trendfarben, -kombinationen und Hintergründe. Warum ist Waldgrün die Farbe des Jahres? Und wieso ist der Dackel wieder hip?

Trend Colours 2018

Setting the natural tone

Seen this way

Forest green, rose and mauve…

Dachshund Cult!

Trend Images

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3D Oase 80

A bright, veiled green as soft as morning dew

I'm also available in trend colors

E-Paper UNIKAT #2

Click here for the digital sheet pdf

Colour World 1

Colour World 3

Familiar and exquisite: forest green sets the tone.

Colour World 2

Colour World 4


Capadecor® Stucco Eleganza

in 3D Arctis 20

Dachshund knowledge

Dachshund colours

Such a dog's life

3D Pinie 50

A delicate reed shade as a light and soft nuance

Caparol UNIKAT #2

The latest colour trends for 2018 in one book

Three Little Trees in the Woods

Brand new

Our new effect pigments

3D Patina 70

A forest green radiating a calm elegance

3D Papaya 85

A soft apricot of incomparable delicacy


Skilfully staged harmony

The right location

3D Grenadin 135

A fresh, gentle sorbet red as a vivid eye-catcher

Capadecor® StuccoDecor Di Luce

in 3D Cameo 110