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Inspiration 1/2016

Work in Progress

Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen des FarbDesignStudios. Von der Entstehung eines Farbtonfächers, digitalen Oberflächen und Farbentwürfen im Wandel der Zeit.

How is a colour fan actually created?

Eight steps to the finished collection

Tradition meets Trend

Rich dark forest green CCC Odenwald 0

Where do the ideas come from?

Colour Design by Chance

Capaver® FantasticFleece Design Mandisa in re urban 7:

Historic ornament reinterpreted - generous and exceptional on the wall

"Pattern-perfect" – The Renaissance of Paisley

Surface of the Month

Capaver® Fantastic Fleece - with new cool designs

Let's Go to the Studio

About the making of a photo


…or: How does the trend colour get on the wall?

Back to the Roots

Colour designs then and now

A Mural against Cultural Downsizing

re urban 1

intensive light appearance, a lively eye-catcher in a modern ambience

1,250 Colour Concepts per Year


From graffiti to trend update

Capadecor® Stucco Eleganza in 3D Lazur 150

a very delicate shimmer like that of mother of pearl lends the finely smoothed surface a restrained elegance..

Tile-free, Tileable, Tile Effect

Digitising surfaces

Workshop Talk

In search of the perfect structure