CapaCoustic Picture

Individually printable sound absorber for regulating
interior room acoustics.

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Product Description:
CapaCoustic Picture: Sound-absorbing core made of renewable raw material (hemp fibres), framed by an aluminium profile and covered with printed polyester fabric.

System Description
CapaCoustic Picture is suitable as decorative wall element or room divider to improve room acoustics. The elements are an ideal choice for room designing due to individual printings with desired pictures. The elements are delivered as construction kits.

Field of Application

For rooms showing an intensive reverberation effect it is very often necessary to suppress reverberation. In such cases the use of systems with sound-absorbing properties is recommended in order to reduce the reverberation time in the relevant rooms.
For this purpose special open-porous and heap-porous materials are used to reduce the penetrating sound energy.

Typical application areas are, e.g.:
– Offices and call centres
– Showrooms
– Restaurants
– Schools and day-care centres,
– Meeting rooms
– Training rooms or seminar rooms
– Machine shops and production halls
– Sound studios and music rooms

Material Properties

Material Characteristics

  • Individual design with private theme.
  • Desired picture/image or monochrome according to CMYK.
  • Dimension selectable up to 3 m x user-defined length.

Material Base / Vehicle

Frame: Aluminium, Cover: Fabric made of polyester fibres, Filling: Sound absorbing boards made of hemp fibres.

Types that can be delivered

CapaCoustic Picture is deliverable in three types!

Type A (Wall absorber):
As wall aborber without bonding hemp fibre sound-absorbing (acoustic) boards/panels to the wall. The boards are clamped in a frame profile. Standard profiles are smooth and without a notch, in which the shortest lateral length must be ≤ 120 cm.
Type B (Wall absorber, sticked to the wall):
For this type the hemp fibre sound-absorbing boards are glued to the wall. (See "Bonding to Substrates") This type must be used, when the shortest lateral length is > 120 cm.
Profile type: Smooth and without a notch.

Type C (Room divider):
This type is used as a room divider: Up to 3 segments can be connected with frame joints to form one element. The framed profile is provided with a notch. These room dividing elements can be used either as ceiling hanging or stand-up room dividers. Adjustable feet or feet with rolls can optionally be used.


The printing can be carried out by free design and colour selection.

Technical Data

Sound Absorption Properties

Sound Absorption of CapaCoustic Picture:

Frequency [Hz]
















Wall Element

αS Third
















αP Octave






Room Divider

AObj [m2] Third/m2
















αS = Sound absorption coefficient as per ISO 354

αP = Practical sound absorption coefficient as per ISO 11654 


Condensed water may occur, if image objects are placed nearby non-insulated or insufficiently insulated external walls. This leads over a longer period to the deterioration of sound absorbers and building material behind it.


For bonding the B type a suitable substrate preparation is essential to achieve proper adhesion of CapaCoustic Hanfabsorber (hemp fibre absorber) to the substrate.

Precast concrete out of smooth moulds: Prime with Caparol primer OptiGrund.

Normal-formed concrete: The surface must always be free of any demoulding oil residues and other separating agent.
Burrs of cement stone (laitance) must be removed and chipped off using suitable tool. Level strong unevenness, caused by defective concrete formwork, with Capatect-Klebe und Spachtelmasse 190. A further substrate preparation is not necessary.

Gypsum plasterboards (sandwich-type plasterboards for drywalls): Prime with Putzgrund 610.
Lime gypsum plaster: Prime with Putzgrund 610.

Please request our technical assistance in case of queries. We will describe appropriate working methods, if a non-specified substrate is to be coated.

If necessary, CapaCoustic Hanf-Absorberplatte (hemp fibre sound-absorbing board) must be checked for proper adhesion on existing substrates.
Minimum adhesive tensile (pull-off) strength: 0.0075 N/mm2.


Assembly of Frames:

According to assembly instruction, enclosed to each element.

Fixation to Wall (Type A):

Use the enclosed fixing brackets according to assembly instruction. Fixing is effected with suitable and approved fastening elements for the existing substrate (not in the scope of delivery).

Bonding to Substrates (Type B):

As from element size with shortest lateral length > 120 cm, the sound-absorbing boards must be bonded as follows. First of all the frame profiles must be fixed to the wall using fixing brackets in a distance of max. 800 mm. Then stick the hemp fibre sound-absorbing boards with CapaCoustic Mineralkleber 037/12 (mineral adhesive mortar) to the substrate, prepared within the frame.


The mineral adhesive mortar can be prepared with all common continuous/flow mixers. It can also be poured by hand into cold tap water and mixed up with a high-performance, slow-turning agitator (paddle mixer) to achieve a homogeneous mixture, free of lumps. Leave to stand and swell for approx. 10 minutes and mix again shortly. If necessary, the consistency can be adjusted with a small amount of tap water. Water demand per 25 kg bag: approx. 5 - 6 litres. Pot life: approx. 2.5 hours, depending on ambient temperature. Material that has been stiffened cannot be used by making it pliable.

Bonding of the sound-absorbing acoustic boards is carried out with the darker side to the substrate. The adhesive mortar must be applied by troweling to the entire surface to achieve a proper contact. Then the surface must be combed with a square-notched trowel (10 x 10 mm). Consumption: approx. 3.4 kg/m2

Bonding is effected in accordance with the enclosed drawing.  Use a suitable, large float for pressing on. Always be careful to avoid soiling of the lightish, visible side of boards. All sound-absorbing boards must be applied very thoroughly, flush with the surface and without visible joints.

 Mounting/Installation of Room Dividers (Type C):

Use optionally available accessory elements for mounting movable walls. Check for a safe stand on the installation location.

The elements are subjected to a strict QC. Always check the outer package for intactness and directly complain any damaging on the POD (on delivery).


Materials and all related packaging must be disposed of in a safe way in accordance with the full requirements of the local authority. Particular attention should be made to removing wastage from site in compliance with standard construction site procedures.
Avoid the forming of any material residues due to a careful cut and further use.
EC: Dispose of minor quantities of remnants as per EWC 170203 (plastic materials) or 170604 (thermal insulation materials).
In Germany: Gather further information for recycling of material cuts without any adherent adhesive/glue or bonding mortar at your local Industrie- und Handelskammer (IHK)/Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Other Notes

Brilliance and Colour Reproduction:
For technical reasons colour reproduction errors may occur, when a digital saved image file is transferred to the textile lining.
Due to the textile surface a minor colour deviation may also occur when printing monochromatic colours.

Artwork must be placed at the disposal in JPG file format. A resolution of 50 to 70 dpi is necessary (converted to the desired format) to obtain a convincing print quality.
For example: Resolution at 55 dpi (1 inch = 2.54 cm):
Desired format 120 x 180 cm = 39.4 x 70.9 inch = 2,167x 3,899.5 Pixel

Influence of Interior Air Condition / Advice:
Due to the content of natural hemp fibres, in the first days an odour emission may occasionally occur, such as freshly cut hey. This odour will fade after some days, when the rooms are sufficiently ventilated.

Customer Service Centre

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Fax: +49 6154 71-71711

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