Capaver FantasticFleece

High-quality glass fleece, made of natural raw materials,
offering a choice of wall coverings, designed by a special
print technology for applying creative effect coatings.

Field of Application

Capaver® FantasticFleece (glass fleeces) provide for highly attractive, high-grade and individual wall surfaces, due to variations in type, colour shade and gloss level of topcoats.
Special Feature:
On Capaver® FantasticFleece a sophisticated and varicoloured, richly nuanced finish is achievable by applying just one coloured glaze/scumbling coat instead of the usually applied multiple coats.

Material Properties

  • Rot proof.
  • Dimensionally stable.
  • Covers (bridges) small surface cracks.
  • Reaction to fire / Classification as per German standard DIN 4102: Class B1 (flame-retardant). 

Material Base / Vehicle

Textured, mineral glass fleece (glass non-woven) wall covering.

Types that can be delivered

TypeWeight per m2 Roll Size Pattern Repeat
Designs/patterns with an even (smooth) surface
KimaraApprox. 174 g13 x approx. 1 m > ι < 64 cm/0
LeanoApprox. 184 g13 x approx. 1 m > ι 0
LegraApprox. 160 g13 x approx. 1 m > ι < 32 cm/0
LineaApprox. 155 g13 x approx. 1 m > ι < 64 cm/0
MandisaApprox. 161 g13 x approx. 1 m > ι < 64 cm/0
MikoApprox. 169 g13 x approx. 1 m > ι 0
SiaraApprox. 182 g13 x approx. 1 m > ι < 13 cm/0
TianaApprox. 174 g13 x approx. 1 m > ι < 64 cm/0
TisanoApprox. 162 g13 x approx. 1 m > ι 0
TiziaApprox. 148 g13 x approx. 1 m > ι < 21,5 cm/0
Note: As a general rule all wall coverings, shaped in fleece lengths, have repeating pattern. When no pattern repeat is mentioned the corresponding FantasticFleece type can be bonded without a pattern repeat.

>|< Straight pattern repeat must be observed for bonding
>|0 Without pattern repeat

Packaging/Package Size

13 x 1 m (one carton per roll)


Store Capaver® FantasticFleece in a dry place.

Supplementary Product

  • Capadecor® DecoGrund (primer)
  • Capaver® CapaColl VK (adhesive/glue)
  • Capaver® CapaColl GK (adhesive/glue)
  • Capadecor® DecoLasur Matt (matt glaze)
  • Capadecor® DecoLasur Glänzend (glossy glaze)
  • Capadecor® Effektpigmente (effect pigments) Switch, Pearl
  • Capadecor® CapaGold/CapaSilver (DE: CapaSilber)


Capaver® glass fleeces are composed of glass fibres with a diameter > 5 µm, particles of that size cannot enter the respiratory tract. Although the fibres are highly bonded in the fabric, a limited amount of glass particles may be released when cutting the fibres/glass fleeces. This may cause itching of skin to people with a sensitive skin, during application, but will fade away after bonding. Sensitive persons should take precautions during work. Capaver® glass fleeces do not release any glass fibres after being coated.

Dynamic cracks in the structure/substrate cannot be removed (durably bridged) with Capaver® FantasticFleece.

Suitability according to Technical Information No. 606 Definition of Application Areas

Interior 1Interior 2Interior 3Exterior 1Exterior 2
(–) inapplicable / (○) of limited suitability / (+) suitable


Interior substrates: Mineral plasters in mortar group PI (lime plasters), PII (lime-cement mortars), PIII (cement mortars), PIV (ready-mixed gypsum plaster), gypsum cardboards/plasterboards, gypsum wallboards and concrete.
The substrate must always be solid, dry, sound/stable, clean, even and free from all substances that may prevent good adhesion. Follow Technical Information No. 650. Germany: Follow VOB, part C, DIN 18366, section 3. Low temperature limit for application and drying: +5 °C for substrate and ambient air.

Substrate Preparation

FantasticFleece should always be applied to a smooth, even and contrast-free surface.
Quality level Q4 is required for application on plastered and dry-lined surfaces. The full surface must be primed with one hiding/covering coat of Capadecor® DecoGrund or Caparol-Haftgrund (Wash Primer) before applying FantasticFleece.

Method of Application

Wall Bonding Technique:
Apply CapaColl VK or GK evenly with a roller (18 mm piles), but only for 1 - 2 fleece lengths, depending on the temperature on site. 
Note: Agglomeration of adhesive (glue) must be avoided to achieve a uniform surface appearance.

Only the wall bonding technique has to be used for bonding Capaver® FantasticFleece.

The Following Bonding Principles Apply:

  • FantasticFleece must be bonded with butt joints, avoiding all traces of glue on the front side.
  • Note: Provide for narrow butt joints, but the forming of bulges must be avoided to achieve a proper visual appearance.
  • Some types/patterns have a pattern repeat, which must be considered for bonding.
  • Press the bonded fleece lengths void-free and with sufficient pressure to the full surface using pressure roller (wallpaper scraper and brush are unsuitable). Fix the edges and cut of the excess length with a wallpaper scraper.

Forming Corners/Edges:
In accordance with German VOB part C DIN 18366 FantasticFleece should not be hung around internal corners, but has to be cut or torn accurately along a straight edge to fit.
External corners must be vertical and flush. Forming outer corners is facilitated when using special plastic corner profiles (e.g. Protector 3790 or 3840.
Bonding is effected with suitable mounting adhesive, allowing to adjust the correct position. Height differences should be compensated with synthetic resin filling compound (do not use gypsum fillers), such as Caparol-Akkordspachtel fine or medium or AkkordLeichtspachtel.
Plastic profiles and repairs must always be primed with Caparol-Haftgrund (Wash Primer).

Important Advice to Obtain an Appealing Surface Appearance:
Carefully dab off all exuding adhesive/glue with a wet sponge (do not rub). Dried residues of glue will be visible when applying the first glaze coat and cannot be removed.
Take the pattern rapport for "Legra, Kimara, Linea, Mandisa, Siara, Tiana and Tizia" fleece types into consideration. 
Always use fleeces of same batch on seamless surfaces to avoid colour variations in the applied glaze coat.

Surface Coating System

Wall Glaze Finish (DecoLasur Matt/Glossy):

Wall glazes produce the full effect of FantasticFleece patterns. Once FantasticFleece has been bonded and allowed to fully dry, usually one pigmented/tinted glaze coat is brush applied to the full surface.

DecoLasur must exactly be diluted with 15 % by volume of tap (potable) water to adjust for application consistency and to obtain an adequate open time. 

Recommendation for coatings with dark and intensive colours:
- Use DecoLasur Glänzend (gloss) due to the somewhat longer open time.
- The application should be effected by two workmen, avoiding prematurely drying of glaze coats.
- Effect pigments should be applied in a second operation using transparent glaze to give maximum effect.

Use soft brushes to smooth over the surface, while the liberally brush-applied glaze coat is still wet. This operation removes any excess glaze from the surface and induces the product typical contrast effect.


  • Due to the absorbency of the fleece a visible gloss cannot be achieved with one coat of DecoLasur Glänzend (gloss). Pearlescent pigment Pearl White can be added to DecoLasur Glänzend (gloss) to achieve noble looking additional metallic effects on the surface (Follow Technical Information No. 816).
  • Recommendation: A second coat of untinted DecoLasur Glänzend can be applied by paint brush to provide for a slightly better cleanability.
  • The colour effect of semi-transparent glaze coats (tinted according to the Caparol 3D System) is influenced either by the translucent characteristics of DecoLasur and also by the varying absorbency of different FantasticFleece types/patterns. Therefore a severe conformity with 3D plus colours cannot be guaranteed.
  • A surplus of glaze material cannot be spread but should always be removed to avoid the forming of unintended clouding effects.
  • We suggest to always apply two coats of DecoLasur for all bright-toned glaze coats, particularly when whitish shades are used, e.g. shades of the 3D Off White colour series. In addition, due to the darker shade of FantasticFleece, the actual colour cannot exactly match the off-white colour shades of our sample card. Please check the colour effect by applying a sample surface on site before starting work.
  • When FantasticFleece should be left unchanged in the original colour it is advisable to coat with DecoLasur transparent. 

Consumption of DecoLasur Matt or Glänzend (Gloss):
Approx. 140 - 180 ml/m2 per coat. Determine the exact consumption by a trial coating on site.

Finishing Coat of CapaGold/CapaSilver - translucent (semi-transparent):

After bonding and thorough drying of FantasticFleece, apply CapaGold/CapaSilver liberally and evenly. Please follow the corresponding Technical Information.

Dilute CapaGold/CapaSilver with 10 % by volume of tap (potable) water to obtain proper application consistency and a sufficiently long open time.
Use suitable soft brushes to smooth over the surface, while the liberally brush-applied coat is still wet. This operation removes any surplus material from the surface to induce the product typical contrast effect. Take care for wet-on-wet application.


  • The metallic effect can be intensified by a second operation.
  • For large area coating (seamless surfaces) the application should be effected by two workmen.

Consumption of CapaGold/CapaSilver:
Approx. 100 - 150 ml/m2 per coat. Determine the exact consumption by a trial coating on site.

Drying/Drying Time

Allow bonded fleece lengths to dry thoroughly before any further coating.


The interior side of the roll is the visible face. Always place the fabrics running in one direction and not laterally inverted to avoid differences of appearance in texture/pattern. For exact application instructions relating to bonding and coating products the product relevant Technical Information must be followed.

Capaver® wall coverings are thoroughly inspected by the manufacturer. In exceptional cases isolated production related weaving faults may occur. These faults are marked at the trimmed edges and correspondingly compensated. They do not entitle to any objection. While cutting the fabric/fleece lengths, ascertain whether there are no weaving faults. In case of complaint the label with the batch and product numbers must be kept ready (see original carton). Claims based on material faults cannot be objected after the application of more than 10 fleece lengths.


Materials and all related packaging must be disposed of in a safe way in accordance with the full requirements of the local authorities. Particular attention should be made to removing wastage from site in compliance with standard construction site procedures.
In Germany: Dispose Capaver® glass fabrics and fleeces as construction site waste.

Technical Assistance

As it is impossible to list herein the wide variety of substrates and their specific problems, please request our technical assistance in case of queries. We will describe appropriate working methods, if a substrate not specified above is to be coated.

Customer Service Centre

Tel.: +49 06154- 71 7 1710
Fax: +49 05154- 71 7 1711

International Distribution: Please see

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