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Kellerdecken- und Tiefgaragendämmung

Basement ceiling insulation

Insulate basement ceilings professionally and efficiently

Fachgerecht und effizient Kellerdecken dämmen

Unheated basement rooms are perhaps suitable in summer as storage rooms for food. In winter though unheated basement rooms produce a frosty atmosphere in the ground floor. The consequence is cold feet in apartments in which an unnecessary amount of energy and heating costs have to be invested. To prevent this Caparol offers special insulating products.

It is not only basement ceilings in residential houses that have to be professionally and efficiently insulated, but also ceilings in drive-in passages, underground car parks, garages and arcades. Particularly with retrospectively required measures, this is often a big problem.

Capatect Kellerdämmplatte EPS 010

Capatect Kellerdämmplatte
EPS 010

Basement insulation board in rigid polystyrene foam:
The standard solution.

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Capatect Kellerdämmplatte PUR 011

Capatect Kellerdämmplatte
PUR 011

Basement insulation board in rigid polyurethane foam: High insulation performance, ideal for low basement ceilings. 

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Capatect Kellerdämmplatte MW 012

Capatect Kellerdämmplatte
MW 012

Basement insulation board in mineral wool:
Additional sound insulation and fire protection.

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