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Capatect System Natur+

Insulating with hemp

The innovative hemp facade insulation system by Caparol combines the very best constructional and ecological qualities. Based on the natural resource hemp and equipped with extraordinary product features, it turns intelligent, responsible building into a reality - step by step in the very highest quality. This is backed by a sustainable overall concept with an exceptional ecobalance that encompasses the entire lifecycle of the hemp-fibre insulation board. Renewable, regional, high performing - a prime example of environmentally friendly high-tech.

Best arguments for natural insulation with hemp

Insulation values that in no way are inferior to conventional products save heating costs and hard cash.

A consistent ecological product concept that makes an active contribution to environmental protection and renders a sense of safety.

A pleasant interior climate and noise insulation turn a house into a retreat with feel-good atmosphere.

Intelligent detail solutions as well as versatile design options with system security and high quality.

High-performance product features

The hemp insulation system meets all requirements of modern insulation and offers several benefits in comparison to conventional insulation materials.

  • Effective thermal insulation
  • Highly vapour permeable system structure 
  • Outstanding noise insulation
  • Excellent heat protection
  • High impact strength
  • Perfectly coordinated system components and detail solutions

The system structure

The renewable insulation of the future

Capatect System Natur+ is setting entirely new standards in terms of environmental friendliness and sustainability with its use of the natural raw material hemp.

  • Recyclable product with outstanding ecobalance
  • No chemical additives
  • Hemp cultivation in ecological, regional agriculture, without pesticides or fertiliser
  • Positive carbon-dioxide balance even during the manufacturing process 
  • Efficient use of up to 97% of the hemp plant