Capatect Meldorfer Ansatzmörtel 080

Adhesive and joint mortar for laying Meldorfer Flat Facing Bricks on facades and interior surfaces.

LV Texte

Field of Application

Ready-to-use mortar, suitable for laying of Meldorfer Flachverblender (flat facing bricks) within Capatect ETICS, for interior and exterior facings. Also used for joint filling.

Material Properties

  • Non-combustible, A2-s1,d0
  • High initial adhesion
  • Ready for use
  • Water vapor permeable
  • Easy to apply, smooth and easy processing
  • Extremely low tension, highly ductile
  • Vehicle: Terpolymer of vinyl acetate / ethylene / methacrylic acid ester

Packaging/Package Size

25 kg bucket


Cement-grey, sand-white, dark-grey (anthracide), Special shades available on request. By using natural fillers slight color differences may occur.


Cool, but frost-free. Keep out of direct sunlight.  Storable for approx.12 months


approx. 1.74 g/cm³

Diffusion-equivalent air layer thickness sdH2O

sd:  < 1.4 m, class V2 (medium) as per DIN EN ISO 7783

Fire behaviour

A2-s1, d0 as per DIN EN 13501-1

Coefficient of water absorption

w ≤ 0.5 kg/(m2h0.5), class W2 (medium) as per DIN EN 1062



Product No.

Protect the scaffold with tarpaulins to avoid rain influence during the drying phase. Low color differences are possible by using natural additives. Pay attention to the same batch number or mix required quantities of material with different numbers.

Suitable Substrates

  • Reinforcement layers composed of
    –     Capatect ZF-Spachtel 699
    –     Capatect CarbonSpachtel
  • Substrates of
    –     Mortar groups P II and P III to DIN 18 550, EN 998-1 etc.
    –     Concrete
    –     Sound existing mineral renders / plasters or paint coatings
    –     Interior: Gypsum plasterboards and rendering of mortar groups P IV + V

Substrate Preparation

The substrate must be even, clean, dry, adherent, sound, and free from all materials that may prevent good adhesion. If used within Capatect ETICS , the reinforcement layer must be dry and thoroughly cured.

Preparation of Material

Meldorfer Ansatzmörtel 080 is ready to use. Stir up well with a low speed electric stirrer. Adjust viscosity with just a small amount of tap water if necessary.

Method of Application

Preparatory work:
Meldorfer Flachverblender are available in different formats and design. Accordingly, different installation specifications are given and must be respected. See detailed advises for starting processing (field sizes, partitioning) in  the Technical Information for the Meldorfer Flachverblendern (TI_071_CT_EN.pdf)
Apply the Meldorfer Ansatzmörtel 080 to the cured substrate in form of a strip, within the applied height markings using a trowel and comb horizontally with a tooth trowel (teeth 4 x 6 mm) .
Apply only Ansatzmörtel 080 on a surface, that can be covered immediately with Meldorfer flat facing bricks before the film forming starts. Place the Meldorfer flat facing bricks with sliding movements with the entire backside into the fresh Meldorfer Ansatzmörtel 080 respecting the appropriate joint distance so that no cavities arise. Work most efficiently from top to bottom and start with the corner bricks.

Smooth the fresh adhesive in the joints evenly with a slightly wet 10 mm flat brush and work on the flanks of the flat facing bricks in such a way that a tight connection between the Ansatzmörtel and the flat facing bricks is ensured.
Finally, brush off the surface with a hand-brush or similar to remove protruding  mortar residues.


2.5 – 3.0 kg/m2
The exact rate of consumption is best established by a trial application on site.

Application Conditions

Processing temperature: + 5 °C to + 30°C during application and drying phases for material, substrate and ambient air.
Do not apply on sun heated substrates, during strong wind, fog, high relative humidity, imminent rain or impending night frost.

Drying/Drying Time

At 20 °C and 65 % relative humidity: surface-dry after 24 hours and thoroughly hardened after 2 – 3 days.
Lower temperatures and a higher relative humidity extend the drying times.

Tool Cleaning

Immediately after use with water.

Intermediate Coat

Prime cement-bound substrates (also layers of mineral reinforcement material) with
Putzgrund 610 to avoid the forming of efflorescence as far as possible.

Please Note (Status as at Date of Publication)

Keep out of reach of children. On contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Do not empty into drains, water courses or onto the ground.

Use dust filters P2 when grinding.

Contains 1,2-benzisothiazole-3 (2H) -one, 2-methyl-2H-isothiazol-3-one. May produce an allergic reaction. Germany: Hotline for allergy and technical consultations:
0800/1895000 (free of charge from the German landline).


Materials and all related packaging must be disposed of in a safe way in accordance with the full requirements of the local authorities. Particular attention should be made to removing wastage from site in compliance with standard construction site procedures.
In Germany: Only completely emptied packaging should be given for recycling. Paste-like residues of material should be disposed of as waste of water-mixable adhesives, hardened material should be disposed of as hardened adhesives or via domestic waste.
European Waste Code (EWC) 08 04 10


Germany: D2 emulsion based adhesive mortar, low solvent

Further Details

See Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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