Capatect PS-Dämmplatte 032 Dalmatiner Montage 158

Façade thermal insulation boards, based on EPS (as per DIN EN 13163); type EPS 032 WAP for rail mounting.

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Field of Application

Exterior thermal insulation board with surrounding groove for rail mounting within Capatect-ETICS B.
ETICS = External Thermal Insulation Composite System
  Brit. term: EWI External Wall Insulation
  Am. Term: EIFS External Insulation and Finish System

Material Properties

  • Block expanded polystyrene particle foam
  • Type: EPS 032 WAP as per DIN 4108-10
  • Reaction to fire: German classification B1 (DIN 4102/DIN EN 13501)
                              European classification E for boards
                                                                    B for boards embedded in ETICS
  • Certified quality acc. BFA QS
  • Not forming burning droplets
  • Seasoned, non-shrinking, dimensionally stable
  • Water vapour permeable
  • Non-ageing
  • Toxicologically harmless
  • Free of CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, formaldehyde
  • Easy to handle
  • Edges: blunt with surrounding groove


Grey/white spotted


Dry; protected against moisture and long-term UV-exposure.

Heat conductivity

λR = 0.032 W/(m · K) as per DIN 4108
λD = 0.031 W/(m · K); national regulation may vary

Resistance-count for diffusion µ (H2O)

μ = 30/70 as per DIN EN 12086

Transverse tensile strength

150 kPa as per DIN EN 1607

Raw density

20 kg/m³ as per DIN EN 1602

Irreversible elongation

< 0.15 %

Supplementary Product

  • Capatect-Halteleisten 632/00 made of unplasticized PVC for horizontal board joints and for the attachment of fitted parts.
  • Capatect-Verbindungsstücke 633/00 made of unplasticized PVC for vertical board joints
  • Capatect-Universal-Montage-Schraubdübel 617
  • Capatect-Universal-Montage-Schlagdübel 613
    For the attachment of Capatect-Halteleisten. Choose anchor type according to substrate material.
  • Capatect-Distanzstücke-Set 634/50
    to shim below fixing rails in case of wall irregularities.
    Packaging: box of 400 units, sorted (190 units d = 3 mm, 190 units d = 5 mm, 20 units d = 10 mm)

Product No.

Board Thicknes [ mm ]Board Dimensions:
500 x 500 mm2
Product-No.Packaging [ m2 ]
Special thickness available on request


Façades, stable and load-bearing , but unsuitable for fastening insulation boards by adhesives. Walls must be of sufficient strength for wall anchors.
Note: Not for use on water sucking wet substrates.

Substrate Preparation

Remove protruding mortar burrs. Larger cavities: Chip off and fill flush with the surface. Surface irregularities up to 3 cm can be compensated by Capatect-Distanzstücken (spacers).


per m2: 1 m2 plus offcuts

Application Conditions

Processing temperature: 5 °C to 30 °C for material, atmosphere and substrate during application and curing of mortars.

Fitting of Insulation Boards

Install the Capatect-Sockelschiene in the respective height. Pour a line of adhesive onto the bottom edge of the reverse side of the first row of the thermal insulations board. Also pour one bead (20-25 cm= approx. 20% surface ratio) onto the center of the rear side.
Place a Capatect-Verbindungsstück 633/00 into each vertical joint of the thermal insulation boards. After finishing a row, set Capatect-Halteleisten 632/00 into the horizontal groove and fasten every 30 cm with approved Capatect-Universal-Montage-Schraubdübeln (screw anchors) or Capatect-Universal-Montage-Schlagdübeln (drive anchors). Select anchor type for safe fastening according to the anchor approvals.
Use spacer for correction of uneven surfaces. The next row of thermal insulation boards is to be installed with staggered joints.
Note: Pay attention to exact horizontal and vertical alignment. Do not distort the mounting rails. Leave a gap of 2-3 mm between two rails to allow expansion. Place the insulation boards tightly edge-to-edge. Fill any potential gaps between boards with cuts of insulation material, or - up to 5 mm width - with Capatect-Füllschaum B1

Fitting pieces, e.g. below window sills or roof projections: Engrave the required groove subsequently with the Capatect-Nutenhobel.
Where necessary use vertical mounting rails. For finer adjustments around window or door reveals, the thermal insulation boards may be attached in the conventional way, by bonding with adhesive mortar.
For further information on anchoring, please refer to the ETICS manual.

Avoid contact of boards with aromatic solvents.


The thermal insulation boards should be cut carefully and reused wherever possible, avoiding wastage.Materials and all related packaging must be disposed of in a safe way in accordance with the full requirements of the local authorities. Small amounts of wastage can be disposed of as per European Waste Code EWC 17 06 04 (insulation materials).


Z-33.42-131 / ETA-07/0184 / ETA-10/0160

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