Capatect IDS Mineral Dämmplatte

Mineral insulation board for Capatect IDS
(interior thermal insulation system)

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Field of Application

Mineral insulation board for "Capatect IDS Mineral"  (InnenDämmSystem mineral)
Scope WI/ DI as per DIN 4108-10

Material Properties

  • Non combustible
  • Water vapour permeable
  • Capillary active
  • Purely mineral
  • Biologically recommended
  • Free of fibers
  • Form stable under pressure




Dry, protected from moisture.

Technical Data

  • Thermal conductivity: λR = 0.042 W / (mK) as per DIN EN 12667
  • Compressive strength: ≥ 150 kPa as per DIN EN 826
  • Tensile strength: ≥ 80 kPa as per DIN EN 1607
  • Reaction to fire: class A1, non-combustible as per DIN EN 13501
  • Water vapor diffusion resistance: μ = 3/7 as per DIN EN 12086
  • Density: 85 - 110 kg / m³ as per DIN EN 1602

Supplementary Product

IDS Meistermörtel (adhesive and reinforcement mortar)
IDS Armierungsgewebe (reinforcing mesh)
IDS Thermowinkel (element to reduce the thermal bridge in angles)
IDS Mineral Laibungsdämmplatte (insulation board for embrasures)
IDS Elektroquader (special electric wall socket)
IDS Hanf-Filz Dämmstreifen (felted hemp insulation stripes)
and more products marked as compatible to inside insulation from the following product ranges:
- Caparol - Decorative interior wall techniques
- Capatect - Facade and insulation technology
- Caparol - Paints and plasters
- Histolith - Building refurbishment and monument preservation


Product No.

[ mm ]
Quantity per pallet
[ m2 ]
Dimension: 580 x 380 mm Edges: blunt
) Note: The IDS mineral insulation board is only available on entire pallet!

Suitable Substrates

Mineral substrates like new walls (or comparable), solid old plaster and viable siliceous old paints or coatings.

Substrate Preparation

The substrate must be dry, clean and sound and free of substances that might prevent adhesion (eg. as mold oil and impurities). Protruding mortar burrs must be removed. Damaged and cordoning old paints or coatings and all types of gypsum-containing surfaces / plasters must be removed completely, as this moisture-sensitive substrates are unsuitable for ID systems. Unsafe plaster sections are to cut off and smoothed with the IDS Meistermörtel or lime-cement plaster. The surface must be perpendicular and aligned for further processing.
Water absorbing or sanding surfaces or missing fields must be thoroughly cleaned to the solid substrate and primed with "Sylitol Konzentrat 111”.
The wall to be insulated must be protected against rising moisture. The protection against driving rain from the outside must be secured or be prepared by appropriate improvements. The IDS insulation boards must be fully bonded by adhesive mortar.

Application Conditions

Processing temperature: +5°C to +30°C during application and curing for substrate and ambient air.

Fitting of Insulation Boards

Apply adhesive mortar with a square-notched trowel (10mm notches) onto the entire IDS insulation board. The applied quantity of the adhesive mortar is to vary depending on tolerances of the substrate, so that an almost full bonding between insulation and substrate is achieved.
Larger unevenness can be smoothed with the "IDS Meistermörtel".
Fix the IDS boards thoroughly from bottom to top by slight lateral movement (~ 2 cm) touching each other (pressing together) and press on. The rows of insulation boards must be applied 50% staggered one beneath the other in order to avoid cross joints. Avoid offsets at the joints. Remove all adhesive passing out of the sides. Avoid the penetration of adhesive mortar into butt joints. Follow the alignment and vertical lines for installation.
In case offsets of insulation boards must be sanded, remove dust and prime with Sylitol Konzentrat 111.

For further information on the proper processing see brochure "Capatect Innendämmung" (interior insulation) -


Materials and all related packaging must be disposed of in a safe way in accordance with the full requirements of the local authorities.
The IDS insulation boards should be cut carefully and reused wherever possible, avoiding wastage.
Particular attention should be made to removing wastage from site in compliance with standard construction site procedures.
Small amounts of wastage can be disposed of to landfill Class 1 as per European Waste Code EWC 170101 (concrete)  or 170704 (mixed construction and demolition wastes).



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