Capatect-Anputzprofil 694/10

Sealing profile with self-adhesive PE gasket strip and lateral protective lip, integrated reinforcing fabric stripe; removable protective strap with rated break point.

Field of Application

Plastic profile for rainproof connection of reinforcement layers of Capatect ETICS Systems A and B with window and door frames.
Also used as a gauge for render/plaster application. No  absorption of greater movements, hence the use is limited to stable Reinforcement / window frame connections. The profile is to  stick on. Do not fasten with screws.

   ETICS = External Thermal Insulation Composite System
     Brit. term: EWI = External Wall Insulation
     Am. term: EIFS = External Insulation and Finish System
  Am. term: gage

Material Properties

  • UV-resistant
  • lateral protective lip
  • attached stripe of reinforcing fabric
  • Easy and safe mounting.
  • Strap with rated break point as splash guard for the window frame.
  • Adhesive strip for an optional solid fastening of protective sheets to cover the complete window surface.
  • No scratch marks on the frames.
  • Uniform width of joints after removing of protective strap.
  • separating knife cut is not required.

Packaging/Package Size

Carton containing 50 bars
Product - No. bar length [ m ]total length /Carton [ m ]
694/10 1.575
694/20 2.2110


Profile compound: white
Reinforcing fabric: orange


Horizontally, tensionless, protected from continuing solar irradiation, heating and mechanical stress.

Technical Data

  • profile bar of thermoplastic synthetic resin (recyclable)
  • Reinforcing fabric of Capatect-Gewebe fabric 650, width approx. 130 [ mm ]
  • Profile dimension see draft below.

Substrate Preparation

Substrate surface (e.g.  window frame)  must be clean, flat , free of oils, fats/greases and free of insufficiently adherent (loose) particles. Unsuitable substrates may cause insufficient adhesion. It is recommended to run an adhesion test on the original substrate.
Note: To ensure a secure installation windows and doors have to be mounted accordingly to the actual  guidelines of the professional federations (in Germany e.g. RAL Gütegemeinschaft Fenster und Haustüren): Excessive movement are excluded, vibrations minimised.


per meter joint: 1.0 [ m ]

Application Conditions

During the application and the drying time ambient air and substrate temperature must not fall below +5°C or rise over 30°C.


Take measure along the expected boarder of the insulation boards and mark out to the substrate (i. e. window or door frame). Remove the lamination sheet from  self-adhesive soft foam pad. Attach the profile at the marked position and press intensively – prior to the application of thermal insulating boards. Avoid a prolonged time of pre-assembly. Wind might influence the adhesion of the profile. Repeated removal for adjustment may cause delamination. For fixing window protective films remove the covering sheet over the adhesion strip. Protective strap and window protection should remain in their position until the end of all operations. After having finishing all coatings are to be thoroughly separated with a cutter.

Fasten the wall insulation board accurate. The reinforcing fabric strip should automaticly have been placed exactly in the mesured level of the following reinforcement layer. If window side insulation boards are to install, place them now into the gap forming an homogenious surface with the leading edge of the window opening. Accurate sanding of the edge can be usefull. After drying of the adhesive put angle profiles and drip-edge profile along the leading edge as it is described in the application manual.

Embed the fabric stripe of Capatect-Anputzprofil 694/10 into the applied reinforcement mortar and allow to overlap for 10 cm with the fabric of the angle profile. The gauge leads to an accurate thickness of the mortar layer. If necessary place an additional fabric stripe to overlap the fabrics on both sides. Then the reinforcement layer and textured render/plaster coating can be applied according to the application manual. The connection joint to window frames is predetermined by the profile – no separating knife cut required at the end of all operations.

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