Capatect Anputzleiste Comfort 660/00 und 660/01

Render gauge with integrated, self-expanding sealing tape
and fabric stripe

Field of Application

Rain-tight seal element for joints between  Capatect ETICS  A and B and adjacent components, windows, doors, etc.
The profile is suitable for windows up to 10 m² and can be assembled of several elements for the total length.
For insulation board thicknesses up to 300 mm. As joint sealingbetween  built-in elements and embrasure insulation boards , façade-flush elements  or protruded elements in the insulation level.
With integral self-expanding sealing tape to be activated after plastering. Selfadhesive fastening without screws.

Material Properties

  • Wide range of flexibility without screw fastening
  • No rigid contact between built-in components and plaster layer
  • Fabric strip made of high grade Capatect fabric as used for reinforcing
  • Self-adhesive
  • UV-stable
  • Sealing against driving
  • Non-aging
  • Activation after finishing the plastering
  • Integrated temporare protecting strip for built-in components

Packaging/Package Size

Per carton: 25 Units
660/00: 1.40 m = 35.00 m
660/01: 2.40 m = 60.00 m



Profile: white; fabric: orange


horizontal flat - without tension; protected from sun irradiation, heat sources and mechanical loads

Technical Data

  • Profile body made ​​of thermoplastic synthetic - recyclable
  • Profile width = 25 mm
  • Fabric strip of Capatect Gewebe 650/110
  • Strip width = 125 mm

Product No.


Substrate Preparation

Substrates must be clean, dry and free from all substances, that may prevent good adhesion. Built-in elements must have a suitable surface for bonding. Check before application.

Note: To ensure safe installation the built-in elements (according to the state of the art eg the RAL Quality Assurance Association windows and doors) must be fixed according to the applicable guidelines of the associations so that unauthorized movements are excluded.


per 1 m: 1 m plus offcut

Application Conditions

Processing temperature: 5 °C to 30 °C for material, atmosphere and substrate during application and curing of mortars.


Cut the profiles with suitable anvil shears before fixing to avoid damage. Check adhesion on substrate by trial.
The profiles are to stick on just before the mounting of the insulation boards. A longer period of pre-assembly can adversely affect the composite profile.
After measurement, lining-up and pre-cut align the profile along the edge of the substrate. Remove the cover strip from the adhesive side of the white sealing tape and press the PVC strip to the substrate from top to the bottom. After the right placing press firmly on. Position the plastic strips to protect the adjacent element. It is possible to fix an other protecting plastic sheet using the pre-installed adhesiv tape.
Fasten the insulation boards right to the leading edge of the PVC profile.
Embed the fabric strip into the reinforcing mortar used in this project.
After curing of the finish plaster coat unlock and activate the compressed sealing foam by a carefull pull off of the protective plastic.

Sealing / Paint Finish

In case the profile is to be mitered in corner areas, this small leak has to be sealed with a permanently elastic polyurethane joint sealant like Disbothan 235.


Material offcuts and all related packaging must be disposed of in a safe way in accordance with the full requirements of the local authorities.

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