Capatect Anputzleiste MiniFlex 645/00 und 645/01

Plaster stop profile for medium joint movements
to install in front of insulation boards.

Field of Application

Rain-tight one-piece sealer and connector profile between Capatect ETICS and related components, windows, doors etc. up to 2.5 m ² inside soffit. Suitable for insulation board thickness up to 160 mm and lightness index ≥ 20 for plaster and door/window frames. Do not assemble units for length elongation.

Material Properties

  • Easy installation in front of insulation level - after fixing the insulation boards.
  • Motion recording by moving bellows.
  • Flexible connection without screwing.
  • Fabric identic with surface reinforcer - no different materials.
  • Film strip for covering the window frame.
  • Self-adhesive.
  • UV-resistant.
  • Protection against driving rain.
  • Non-ageing.

Packaging/Package Size

Carton containing 25 units à 1.40 m = 35 m
Carton containing 25 units à 2.40 m = 60 m


Profile compound: white
Fabric strip: orange


Horizontally without mechanical stress and tensions, protected against long-lasting sunlight to avoid heating up.

Technical Data

Profile body made of recyclable thermoplastic; width: 12 mm
Fabric strips made of Capatect Gewebe 650/110; width: approx. 100 mm 

Product No.

645/00 (length 1.40 m)
645/01 (length 2.40 m)

Substrate Preparation

Substrates must be suitable for adhesive strips, stable, flat, clean, dry, and free from all substances, that may prevent good adhesion.
Check original surfaces with a piece of profile before application.
To ensure safe installation, windows and doors must be installed according to national guidelines and the state of the art.  Unauthorized movements have to be excluded.
Germany:  RAL Quality Assurance Association for windows and doors


per meter joint: 1.0 m

Application Conditions

Processing temperature:
+ 5 °C to approx. + 30 °C for material, atmosphere and substrate during application and curing of embedding mortar.


The profile is designed for installation after the fixing of the insulation boards. Please check for any factory-applied, temporary surface protection at surface of the related component frame. It has to be removed. Check for good adhesion. Tailor the profile before fasten it. Place the profile carefully and press on from top to bottom. High pressing force leads to a safe fastening.
Embedd fabric strip carefully overlaped with the adjacent fabric. Reinforcement and final coat must not mask the predetermined breaking line for removing the protective strap. Keep window tarpaulin on place til the end of entire work, than break the strap off.


Dispose offcuts as mixed building and demolition waste.

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