Capatect Fugendichtband Typ B 046, 047 und 048

Pre-compressed joint sealing tape; soft polyurethane foam

Field of Application

Expansion joint sealer for building construction with and without Capatect ETICS. Also suitable for the sealing of connection joints between Capatect ETICS and other components from driving rain. Impregnated soft foam.
046: For expansion joints, width 10–18 mm
047: For expansion joints, width 17–32 mm
048: For expansion joints, width 28–40 mm
 ETICS = External Thermal Insulation Composite System
  Brit. term: EWI = External Wall Insulation
  Am. term: EIFS = External Insulation and Finish System

Material Properties

  • Soft polyurethane foam, impregnated with flame-retardant resin.
  • Self-expanding for a safe joint sealing
  • Durable sealing during compression and expansion of joint sides as per DIN 18542 / BG1:
  • Proof for driving rain up to 600 PA
  • Weatherproof
  • Compatible with standard building materials, e.g. concrete, masonry, renders/plasters, wood, plastic, aluminium, steel
  • Compatibility with other building materials as per DIN 18542: No signs of corrosion in iron, zinc, steel, galvanised steel, aluminium and copper; no harmful interactions with mineral building materials, unplasticised PVC, plexiglass and wood.
  • Resistant to oil- and water-based wood preservatives
  • No special treatment of joint sides required (no priming)


May be coated semi-transparent with exterior paint.


Cool and dry; suitable up to 2 years storage.

Technical Data

  • Reaction to fire as per DIN 4102 (German classification)
  • Reaction to fire as per EN ISO 11925:2002-7
  • Thermal conductivity as per DIN 52612
  • Thermal resistance
  • Water vapour permeability sd
  • Coefficient of joint permeability as per DIN 18542
  • Airtightness
  • Weather resistance as per DIN 18542
  • Watertight against driving rain as per EN 1027

flame-retardant B1, P-NDS 04-229
≤ 0.048 W/(mK)
-30° C to +90° C
< 0.5 ma
< 1.0 m3/[h m (daPa)n]a
< 1.0 m3/[h m (daPa)2/3]
Class BG1 passed
passed up to 600 Pa

Substrate Preparation

Fusion faces must be clean, square-edged (suitable as support for tape), free from oils and greases and other materials that may prevent good adhesion. Fix the tape only to a suitable surface. Humid joint flanks are unsuitable for self-adhesive tapes.


1.02 m per meter joint

Application Conditions

Processing temperature:
Expansion time of joint sealing tapes is temperature-sensitive. Before applying at low temperatures: Store tape in heated rooms before application or treat in the joints with hot air (blow dryer).
At high temperatures store tape in refrigerator.


The planning of joint dimensions is subject to general and national technical guidelines respectively of the RAL Guide for installation in Germany. Choose the type of joint sealing tape according to the width of joints.
Cut the tape with an extra of 2 cm per m.
Vertical joints: Start fixing the tape at the bottom. / Horizontal joints: Self-adhesive side down!
The tape ends are butt jointed. The joint edges should be parallel (within 3 ° deviation).
Do not pull tape around inner or outer corners but cut carefully and stick the ends together.
Stay min. 2 mm back from frontside due to technical reasons.

Building up of expansion joints using base supporting rails:
First attach the Capatect-Sockelschiene (base rail) on one side of the expansion joint (rail size corresponding with the thickness of  insulation boards to be used).
Stick the suitable Capatect Joint Sealing Tape B-Type sidewise along the rail; attach the second rail immediately vis-à-vis at the second flank of the joint.
Note: If thermal insulating boards cannot be fixed directly after mounting the rails, it is recommended to fix both rails on face with suitable clips or the like, to avoid bracing in case of expanding tape.

The visible side of the tape can be treated with semi-transparent but non film-forming glaze coat to match the facade in shade.


Small quantities can be disposed of with normal household waste. Observe local/national regulations.

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