Capatect Speicherdämmplatte-Dalmatiner 020

Walkable insulation element for garrets

Field of Application

Walkable insulation composite element for garrets, made of 8mm thick wooden board type HDF (E1), sticked on a "Dalmatiner" thermal insulation board (type EPS 035).
For the insulation of attics (top floor ceilings), to improve the thermal insulation of upper ceilings towards unheated attics. To create simple and walkable surfaces.
Capatect-Speicherdämm­platten-Dalmatiner sustainably reduce heat loss in top floors.
Do not use below screed - limited moisture-resistant adhesive.

Material Properties

  • Dalmatiner Thermal Insulation Board:
    Block-expanded EPS
    Quality controlled as per BFA QS
    Edges: tongue and groove
    Seasoned and dimensionally stable
    Toxicologically harmless
    Free of CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs
    Free of formaldehyde
  • HDF-Wood Board E1:
    Edges: blunt
    The chipboard is made of naturally-grown products, colour deviation is possible.
  • Complete Profile:
    Flatness / Evenness ± 3 mm

Types that can be delivered

Dalmatiner-Thermal Insulation Board: 
EPS 035 in different thicknesses


Dry, protected from moisture and long-term UV-exposure.

Heat conductivity

Dalmatiner-Thermal Insulation Board:  0.035 [W/(m · K)]

Compressive stress (compression: 10%)

Complete Element: ≥ 80 kPa

Raw density

Dalmatiner Thermal Insulation Board:  approx. 17 kg/m³
Wooden Board HDF (E1):  approx. 800 kg/m³

Fire behaviour

Dalmatiner-Thermal Insulation Board: hardly combustible B1 as per DIN 4102
Wooden Board HDF (E1):
normal inflammable B2 as per DIN 4102


Wooden Board HDF (E1): 8 mm

Product No.

Thickness EPS + HDF-Wooden Board [ mm ]Prod.-No.Total Thermal Resistance

[ m2K/W ]

Units per PaletteEffective Surface

[ m2 ]


[ m2 ]

Overall dimensions: 1250 x 500 mm
Effective dimensions: 1230 x 480 mm

Substrate Preparation

Check the ceiling for load capacity, position stability and irregularities. Check all dimensions. If necessary planish with dry fill material.
To avoid acoustic bridges the elements should be installed with adequate space to walls and other installed equipment using elastic trimmings


Approx. 1.7 boards/m2 without offcuts and loss

Fitting of Insulation Boards

Install the Capatect-Speicherdämm­platten-Dalmatiner edge-to-edge with staggered joints and push them slightly together.
The tongue and groove profile can easily be mounted. If necessary pour solvent free PU-adhesive  onto the tongue of the insulation board to avoid shifting of boards during and after application. Avoid cross joints! For cuttings into size, use a fret saw, a bench saw or a hand-circular saw.
Do not walk on boards until the adhesive has completely dried.

This product contains HBCD (hexabromocyclododecane -. CAS No. 25637-99-4) at a concentration > 0.1% (w / w).
No contact of polystyrene with aromatic solvents!
See Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).


Waste must be avoided by careful cutting and re-use.
Dispose low residual insulation material according to EWC 170604

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