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Lets paints grow back

Five new products – an important step into the future

With the new CapaGeo product line, we are taking an important step toward realizing our goal of harmonising paints and nature. A product concept that from its very inception not only targets niche products but the high-performing products of the range. Interior paints and water-soluble enamels are the start of a resource-friendly and thus sustainable product family. Find out more about CapaGeo products here.


The renewable raw materials in CapaGeo products

The world's increasing population and standard of living make our limited resources ever more valuable. It is therefore a prudent and forward-looking step to reduce the use of fossil resources, such as crude oil and natural gas in our products. With our CapaGeo products, we are replacing fossil resources with renewable resources step by step. Find out more about the use of renewable resources here.


Caparol is committed to sustainable innovation

CapaGeo products offer premium quality without compromising performance and processing. By using renewable resources, these products are environmentally and resource friendly. Fossil resources such as crude oil and natural gas are replaced by renewable resources without making any concessions in terms of quality. And we are the first to do so! Once again, Caparol is setting standards in the field of environmental protection. Find out more about the CapaGeo concept here.