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Caparol is committed to sustainable innovation

CapaGeo products offer premium quality without compromising performance and processing. By using renewable resources, these products are environmentally and resource friendly. Fossil resources such as crude oil and natural gas are replaced by renewable resources without making any concessions in terms of quality. And we are the first to do so! Once again, Caparol is setting standards in the field of environmental protection.

Premium quality: Natural. Responsibility: Logical.

The new CapaGeo product line is committed to the use of renewable resources without making any concessions in terms of the quality of the final product. Whereas many products that focus on environmental issues, often involve a loss in terms of quality, the CapaGeo product line is characterised by uncompromising Caparol premium quality, that the professional knows and expects. We select our raw materials backed by environmental awareness. Wherever it is technically possible, we replace fossil resources with renewable ones.

With CapaGeo we support the ecological principle and actions. Feeling good nowadays not only involves the element of quality, it is also associated with a clear conscience. Modern premium quality is no longer possible at the expense of others. We create innovative products that make a responsible choice and easy choice.

The CapaGeo product line is an important step into the future: A product concept that from its very inception not only targets niche products but the high-performing products of the range.

Paints and nature in harmony

More and more people are becoming interested in topics such as health and sustainability. A decision for high-quality products should also be a responsible decision that you feel good about. Premium today also means having a clear conscience.

CapaGeo – A milestone on a consequent path

Since the invention of the modern dispersion paint technology, we see ourselves as a pioneering company in the field of environmentally friendly, water-soluble dispersion products. As a family business currently in its 5th generation, our guiding principle is dedicated to sustainability and is a central element of the Caparol corporate and product philosophy.

In this vein, Caparol had already launched the world's first emission-reduced and solvent-free E.L.F interior paints for healthy interiors back in 1985. We consistently implemented this standard in all interior paints and now implement the successor E.L.F. plus. We were also pioneers in the introduction of the first energy-saving thermal insulation composite systems back in 1957.

Since then, many of our products have been TÜV-certified or received the Blue Angel seal of the German Federal Environmental Agency. A firm confirmation that innovation involves a highly dedicated sense of responsibility.

Many Caparol products and systems also contribute to sustainable building in compliance with standards, such as DGNB and LEED. Going forward we will intensify our investments in research and development activities in order to launch even more resource-friendly products.

With the new CapaGeo product line, we are taking an important step toward realizing our goal of harmonising paints and nature. Join us on our path!

Milestones in the development of sustainable paints


Dr. Robert Murjahn develops the modern dispersion technology without the use of oil


As the world's first E.L.F. interior paint (emission minimised and solvent free), Indeko-plus revolutionises the market


Launch of the new CapaGeo product line, with its particularly environmentally friendly recipe thanks to the use of renewable resources