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The renewable raw materials in CapaGeo products

The world's increasing population and standard of living make our limited resources ever more valuable. It is therefore a prudent and forward-looking step to reduce the use of fossil resources, such as crude oil and natural gas in our products. With our CapaGeo products, we are replacing fossil resources with renewable resources step by step.

Preserving valuable resources

Sustainability has become a key topic of our times. Yet, as complex the contents that this involves may be, it is just as difficult to find concrete solutions.

Within the framework of a continuous development process, we are expanding our use of renewable resources without making any concessions in terms of quality with the aim to preserve our valuable limited resources. It is therefore prudent to finally reduce the use of fossil resources, such as crude oil and natural gas in our products. You as our industry experts can help us actively by choosing CapaGeo. By doing so, you provide your customers with a responsible choice for premium quality and a clear conscience.

The CapaGeo mass-balance procedure

In addition to the direct use of renewable resources in the manufacturing process of Caparol, there is now a new approach for interior paints called the mass-balance procedure. This procedure enables us to use biomass as a raw material for binding agent at the very beginning of the value chain instead of fossil resources. This biomass is then allocated quantitatively to the CapaGeo interior paints. The mass-balance is harmonised. This procedure has the benefit that renewable resources can be utilized in the existing and highly efficient production network. This saves energy and money. Following intense development efforts, we can declare the following for CapaGeo interior paints:

In the production of binding agent, the required raw materials are completely substituted by renewable resources (mass-balance procedure).

So those purchasing a mass-balanced CapaGeo product actively ensure that Caparol is replacing the respective amount of fossil resources with renewable resources. The mass-balance procedure has been developed in collaboration with TÜV SÜD and is certified for the respective production locations.