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Capaver® ElementEffects

Synergy of style and strength

Glass fabric structures from Caparol offer the highest possible protection against mechanical damage. The new line of Capaver® ElementEffects combines maximum design variety, surface protection and fast working. The material, tightly woven in glass fibre, ensures a significantly higher tensile strength and impact resistance than fleece in glass or cellulose.

The expressive product is convincing due to its three-dimensionality in design and the matt-gloss effect in an interplay of quartz and fine glass fabric. This effect is reinforced particularly with the use of metallic coatings.

  • Wide variety of decorative possibilities
  • Ten individual designs in silica sand
  • Robust and highly stressable
  • Recoatable up to 5 times
  • Easy application
  • Natural – pure glass fabric and quartz


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