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Colour - Texture - Surface

The Caparol Architectural Prize

In current architecture, working with colours, textures and surfaces is gaining increasing importance. In order to offer a reasonable platform for this subject the Caparol Architectural Prize Colour - Texture - Surface was awarded in the German-speaking region for the first time in 2004. A two-stage competitive procedure with a nominating jury (preliminary selection) and the assessment jury (final decision), ensured the high quality of the competition and therefore also acceptance amongst professionals. It does not matter at all whether the projects were carried out using Caparol materials or not. Only the design aspects such as colour, surface design and texture matter. 

The competition awards exemplarily implemented colour and material concepts which represent part of the building culture of our society. Consequently, it is a mirror on the current architectural activity in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Promoting new talent, ensuring quality

For the fifth edition in 2012 the Architectural Prize was expanded with the category of "Students". This represented a logical step, because the promotion of creative new talent is an important part of the corporate philosophy and a special matter for Caparol.

Maintaining contacts, finding solutions

The competition which is held every two years is also an excellent medium for intensifying interchange with planners and architects. Firstly, to discuss the technical and artistic possibilities of materials and secondly to develop creative new solutions in the architectonic field.

Architecture Award ceremony

Early July, the high-ranking jury assessed the 83 submitted nominations of renowned architecture firms and following several rounds and intense discussions, awarded three prizes and four commendable mentions.

The winners have been honoured on Wednesday, 14 September 2016 starting 6 p.m. at the award ceremony in the Theater Willy Praml - Naxoshalle in Frankfurt am Main.

A look back at past competitions can be obtained here.