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Planning manual FACADE

Designing - Detailing - Tendering - Calculating

Tendering a facade system with just three "clicks"? The planning manual FACADE, with more that 250 links, ensures particularly quick and comfortable work. It aids architects and expert craftsman in choosing a system. It can be used to design, detail, tender and calculate facades. Focus is placed on external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) and curtain facades:

System matrix

Making a quick and clear selection from various ETICS or curtain facade systems to choose the most appropriate one.

Surface design

ETICS surfaces can also be subject to individual design.
Classical with textured plastering and facade paints or with natural stone, ceramic coverings, facade profiles up to photographic depictions. A link to the Material Studio programme. It visualizes textures and colours.

Detailed catalogue on ETICS and curtain facades

from basement to attic: Extensive detail catalogue for various connection details. One link will take you to the comprehensive reference library on ETICS.

Performance specifications

Just three simple "clicks" will take you from the selected system to its performance specifications.

Reference prices

All ETICS systems are equipped with extensive performance specifications incl. reference prices for budgeting.