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Recognition for highest performance in workmanship

Passion HANDicraft

A hero a day! Under the title "Passion HANDicraft", we have published an innovative image film. Tobias Becker, Head of Customer Communications: "The craftsman has always played a decisive role in the success of Caparol and will always retain this important position for our company. Our efforts in the field and in the backoffice aim at achieving the recognition that the trade deserves for its daily work." And how the painter makes use of his hands is depicted with a very recognizable sense of humour by production company Echofabrik, Würzburg. Angela Mahr, manager in Customer Communication, who was responsible for the realisation of the film, adds: "Our aim was to focus on the diversity of a typical day at work in the life of a painter and the joy that this profession also brings."

Heroes of every-day life

The nearly two-minute long image film can be downloaded for free. Partners can add their personal data to the closing credits and use the film for advertising purposes. Quality-oriented trade therefore now has an impressive instrument for marketing purposes, which can be individualised with hardly any effort.

To download the video, click in the video under "Menu" on "Download". Or select one of the following formats: