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Social media marketing for beginners


Is social media suitable for everyone? Yes, because people who are connected with their page know how to use the benefits of its products and services. Added to this is the important aspect of communication, because they have the opportunity to communicate directly with their customers. They can listen to what their customers want, without any detours and provide competent and friendly advice. Your company gets more attention, more value and findability within the network. And advertising has always been about getting attention. The attention of today's society is directed at their smartphone. Social media is nothing else than being wherever the important people are. Tell your social media stories to the customer without bothering them - entertain them. Never before has it been this cost effective to advertise.

The most important platforms for your company

28 million Germans make use of facebook, 21 million of which use facebook on a daily basis on their smartphones. This not only makes facebook the farthest reaching network in Germany but throughout the entire world.

Twitter is a so-called microblogging service that is used extensively around the world. Each posting may consist of no more than 140 characters, which ensures short and dynamic communication. Twitter is also the perfect messaging service for breaking news.

Google+ is certainly the weakest of all social networks, despite its millions of users. Its strengths however can be found in the close connection with search engines and additional offers, such as the Google industry center. This is an aspect that no company should underestimate. Here too, a company can create a corporate Google+ side and communicate with customers and potential customers.

The two business networks Xing and LinkedIn offer a platform that give the users the opportunity to network, find work, order business partners or employees. In the German-speaking region, Xing is currently still more popular than the more globally oriented US enterprise LinkedIn.

The use of smartphones makes it much easier to take pictures and to process and share them. This makes picture-sharing communities ever-more popular.

Pinterest also makes it possible to post the pictures users find on pinwalls and to sort them.

Tips for creating a facebook page

The first path to a facebook page is the creation of a personal account, without which it would not be possible to create a facebook page.

At first you have to select the category, the industry-specific category and the detailed description. You should take your time to do this because the visitors want to know directly what the respective page is about.

The profile image should be exactly 180 x 180 pixels and generally contain the logo. The title image should be 851 x 315 pixels and should have a high degree of recognition value.

The imprint is very important as there is certain legislation pertaining to the publication of an imprint in Germany. Currently, facebook is the only platform that offers space to publish this information. However one can add a link to the respective company website.

Facebook generates an automatically created link; changing it to makes it nicer to look at and simplifies usability in other media.

When facebook makes a call to the specified number, the page is verified and the search results are shown much higher in the ranking.

Tips for creating a facebook page

Facebook lives from visual content, which is why you should always enhance your status postings with images or videos. These could be images of products, employees or events.

Don't forget, this is about social media - the interaction with customers and potential customers and not about making people read press releases. Relevant, useful and even entertaining information that fits in with the target group.

No, you don't have to post five times a day. Facebook has limited visibility to such an extent that two to three postings per week are enough to position oneself.

Criticism is always an opportunity to improve what we publish. The visitor expects respect and a professional discussion. Of course, one should be clear in their standpoint.

Gaining experience, evaluating activities and continuously observing, e.g. the Page Manager app. This app offers you an extensive overview to be able to compare the successes of the page. Plus, you also see at which times most users are online in order to adapt the time of your publications accordingly.


In order to be successful with social media, you need a strategy and patience. The basis for all activities in social networks is time. Social media is no magic trick; instead, it is an important foundation on which to expand one's reputation.